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Thursday, July 21, 2011
Restaurant Week - Terrace in the Sky
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Last Friday, had a lovely dinner with my boyfriend at Terrace in the Sky
amazing new york city view & romantic ambiance
the most beautiful view i ever have in new york city

Location: 400 west 119th street 
(bet. Morningside Dr. - Amsterdam Ave.)
New York, New York 10027 
Tel: (212) 666-9490

It is in a residence suite' building
You have to take elevator to 16th floor to enter this restaurant

Restaurant itself have 3 different dining section,
outdoor under the sky, modern and vintage at another side

chin's appertizer - soup of the day

my appetizer - green salad

extra appetizer from non-restaurant week's menu - crab salad

i can't stop looking at the view!

my date ;)

we make the appointment at 7pm for purpose,
so we can enjoy the day-time view,
and after meal it will be amazing night-time view!


his entree- chicken breast

& mine - scallop

can't say the entree is really tasty

his dessert- chocolate lava cake

& mine - creme brulee & macaron

omfg, the best creme brulee i ever have so far!

how beautiful is this!

another memorable's night for us! ;)

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