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Wednesday, May 11, 2011
last saturday
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Sorry peeps!

been neglecting my blog for a little while ;(

new job took away most of my time
and then weekend is my quality time for friend and lover 
that is why i barely blog on weekend now.


i will try my hardest try to blog more! ;(

this is last saturday's outing,
celebrating me&boyfriend one year's anniversary ^^

a beautiful day i must say.

i still remembered i bought him this blue shirt at our second month's anniversary ;)

he loves it!
 ever since that day, 
he only wore it for special occasion and of cause for me too

& me wearing the pearl necklace he bought me while i was at Malaysia back then

at PEEL's around east village

we always walk & pass by this cute restaurant
then we keep saying we have to come here for brunch one day soon

so now we're here.

lovely ambiance, my favorite white&wood/vintage/adorable deco.

looks like he put some red lip gross on his sexy big lip. ha ;D

Quiche of the day

not my favorite, just simply dislike the flavor ;(

his order.

OMFG i must say they have this amazing fresh baked potato chip
it taste freaking delicious!

& then we just walked around the city holding hand ;)
 and visit some of my favorite street vintage stall.

later, went to 79st uptown for my Lady M's crepe :P

after purchasing the take-out's crepe&cake

we walked thru central park
find a perfect spot
take off the shoes and hat
and start enjoying the lovely evening

heavenly delicious mille crepe ;)

& not so amazing strawberry shortcake.

oh beautiful sunshine and blooming fall flowers

can't wait to plan my next picnic here!

my boyfriend is my best photographer ^^

looks like i am tipping toe on the grass
but actually i am jumping!

only if the whole garden behind me is fill with lavender, then it will be perfect

he tries to prove me that he can jump higher than me
duhhhhh bleh ;X

Happy 1st anniversary, babe :)

May our every anniversary in the future shall be great and amazing like this
May our love for each other never fade away
May our smile and laugh spread bigger and wider every days

later that night,
went to east village's famous japanese gyu-kaku for barbecue meat

he is 21 so lets order some alcohol to celebrated!

delicious fried dumpling

omg their bbq meat always so freaking delicious!!

loves this flavorful ramen too!

the next morning,
boyfriend mades me his specialty breakfast - grill cheese sandwich

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