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Friday, March 29, 2013
{a bit of chin}
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Sorry for the lack of updates this week! Been staying at chin house this entire week because mama chin is away to Trinidad for spring break vacation, so we got the whole house by ourself ;)

& chin's laptop refuse to read my memory card, so i cant even edit any photos to blog at all.

 Chin have always been a sweetheart to me, and I am just speechless sometime for his actions.

Last Sunday at pier 11, waiting for water taxi to Ikea.

While he sat down, and ask me to do the same. I refused.

because i said the metal chair is freezing, and i rather stand for the line.

He then took off his coat, and lay it on the chair, so the jacket will cover the chair& its coldness, so i can sat on it.

Of cause i said "Nope!" we are near water, it is cold, god damn it just put your coat back.

He refused.


Since i am staying with him this entire week, so he have to make dinner for two of us.

Sunday's dinner - chinese style steamboat, because i love spicy cartwheel!

Monday's dinner - Chin's style chicken wings with lemon, ginger, soy sauce and honey.

Oh boy, it taste delicious!

Tuesday's dinner - Alfredo pasta with mushroom and spicy grilled shrimp

Wednesday's dinner - Chin's style homemade udon noodle soup with beef & cabbage

Thursday dinner, i went to eat sushi with my sister and her family :D

Until next Tuesday, his cooking duty will be off because mama chin will be back by then!

Thanks you chin :)

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