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Monday, February 4, 2013
{a bit of chin}
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(Homemade peanut & cartwheel soup by Chef Chin)

Last Friday's night,

Cartwheel is my absolute favorite thing, and of cause Chin knew it. 

I was upset during the weekday because i went to Chin house and missed my sister's cartwheel soup.

So chin said he will made it for me during the weekend.

So Friday, we ate dinner at Chinatown, then went to supermarket to bought the ingredients.

(to be frankly.. i just sat on a corner & wait on Chin because i refuse to move my butt to the smelly/bloody meat section ><")

Then Chin starting cooking the bone soup at Friday night, and our next day dinner is this amazing soup :)

(Homemade breakfast pancake by Chef Chin)

Last friday night, 

Chin:" So.. what you want for tomorrow breakfast?"

"Hmm...pancake or crepe! so i can put strawberry and whip cream on top!!" *excited*

(actually, i want crepe more..LOL)

Saturday morning,

"So babe, what are you gonna made? perhaps, crepe?"

Chin:" Nope, i am making pancake. It is much easier!"


After he finished making the pancake, I happily went to refrigerator to grab my whip cream and put 
strawberry on top.

HAHAs. Such a beautiful pancake i got there.

Oh, he made sausages on that day too :)

(Skyp-ing with Chin every night when i got home)

Last tuesday night, around 9pm,

"Babe, i cant sleep still. Can you sing me a goodnight song?"

Chin:"Hell to the no!"

"Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee. *puppy eye*"

(Then he starting singing..a horrible song)

Chin:"Goodnight, Kirby~ Good night~nnight~~Kirby~go to sleep~~"

"STOP! that is horrible :("

Then he stop, and i tried to go sleep.

20 minutes later..

"Babe, i cant sleep... because you sang me a nightmare song."

Chin:" What!"

(Then he start another terrible song...with dance moves)

Chin:"My milk shake brings all the boys to the yard~ and there like~Its better than yours~ Damn right its better than yours~~~"


"I am gonna hang up on you. That is terrible!"

Chin:" NOOOOO!"

"Fine. Then give me a goodnight story."

Chin:" Hmmm... mm.... Once upon a time~~ blah blah blah~~~"

*shakes my head*  "Okay, that is. Bye."

He "supposedly" wanted to surprise me for lunch at my work place,
but then he decided to told me so i wont eat before he came.
thank you babe

Saturday night,

While we are watching "Law&Order",

Me:" Babe.. I wanna drink hot coco, with marshmallow on it. Can you made me one?"
*puppy eyes*

& he started making hot coco with the Godiva coco powder i got him as xmas gift two years ago. godiva powder expire?


& later on,

He melt chocolate on a bowl, and we have this as snack.

So yummy :)

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