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Monday, January 7, 2013
{a bit of chin}
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these days between chin & me.

saturday morning, woke up & shower.

After shower,

Chin:" Hey babe, your breakfast is on the table."

"Huh? I thought you said your mom is on the way back home to cooked us something to eat."

Chin:" Hmm..she is gonna made oxtail soup,and i know you wont like it, so i make your favorite toasted bread."

Awwwww :) 

I am picky, and he knows it.

Friday night, while chin& his family watching TV, i sneak in to the room and try to sleep.

Chin: " Hey! You're suppose to watch tv with us, why are you on the bed."

Me:" Hmm... i am sleepy .."

Chin:" Fine." 

Then he bend down try to kiss me on lip for goodnight.
I pushed him away, and said "Hey! you didn't brush your teeth! no kisses!"

Later on,

Around 1 am, he came to bed to sleep trying to hold my hand while sleeping.

Me:" Hey, i am right next to u, do we really need to hold hand?"

Chin:" You are a terrible gf! :("

LOLS...#just saying

My UGG boot been having one hole in the front for many weeks already.

Just realized that Chin already sewed it for me this morning.

Damn it.

Yesterday afternoon

Me: " Babe, i wanna eat creme brulee. You wanna make it tonight?"

Chin:" Okay. Lets go supermarket pick up heavy cream then."

Then he started making it when we got home.

After dinner, 

Me:" Hey, come sit down so we can eat creme brulee."

Chin:" Nope. I am not eating any. I am sick of creme brulee."

So, i end up finished the entire creme brulee (well, not that i am complaining...)

But still, damn him!

This morning, 

a little sharp thing in my sock and when i walked it cut my foot :(

So i texted Chin, and this is the response i got from him.

HAHAHHAHAHAS i laugh so hard when i see his text that say "I KISS"

 damn him again! for being so hilarious, and awesome boyfriend.

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