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Thursday, December 6, 2012
{a bit of chin}
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Before i went to sleep.

Chin:"Hey! what do you want to eat tomorrow morning for breakfast?"

"Dont ask me! you don't really have anything in the refrigerator :( i wanna eat pancake & sausage, but dont think u have it.."

Chin:"Maybe we do.. anyways go to sleep!"

The next morning. Some noises from kitchen woke me up (UGHH ><"who make the noises!!)

And i look to my left, ehh where is chin? So i guessed he is the one that making the noises. 
Ehh whatever. Then, I go back to my sleep.

Around 11:55am, Chin came in to the room.

Chin:"You breakfast is ready on the dining table, ok?"

"Really!? Yay! Lets eat!"

Chin:"No, you eat, i have a skype conference meeting at 12pm. which is now."

"Aww man T_T" then i will wait you finish, and eat together." (such a good gf ok :D)

Around 12:45pm.

"I am hungryyyyy *puppy eye* :("

Chin:"Fine, go eat, i will sit near you and eat together while doing skype call."

 & he make pancake!!! well, where is the sausage? LOLs just kidding..

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