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Thursday, November 8, 2012
{little of chin}
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Dedicated to him. 
Wanted to blog more,about me and my love/life. Wanted to pause every single moment that make me smile, and remembered that i was once the happiest girl in the future.
Lately, he have done many little things that is yet simple but warm my heart.  
"Little of chin" in my love/life story shall begin with this post, so i can looked back, and told him every single stories that he had once done for me.
Last night, first snow storm of this winter/new york city.
He texted me,:"Mom want to know if you are coming over, because it is really cold."
Me: Do you want me to come over?
Him: Yea stupid. Breaking bad girlll (one of the tv show we been watching lately)
Me: Hahahaha ok.. if you buy me macarons and make me tea tonight?
Him: OK. I will go when i am done with lunch.
& later, snow came. And he walked 30 minutes covered in snow and cold to financier pastry shop to pick up my favorite macaron. & at night, as he promised, he made me hot tea. 
& we spend the rest of the night watching 'breaking bad", eating macarons and sipping on my hot tea :)
Well, he always not a romantic guy, so little things like this that he is willing to do is enough to make me smile.

.... and i know, as of now, he is smiling while he is reading this :)

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