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Monday, February 13, 2012
{The sweetest thing he have done for me}
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(happy 1 month anniversary video)

(sorry please forgive me video)

It is Valentine. I blamed to this cold weather that can't get me excite about this special day. 

Last year, we are thousand million miles away from each other, but you still managed to send me flowers to Malaysia that make me sleep thru the night with a big smile on :)

This year, we're so much closer, no-more long distance, but we still couldn't celebrated together. Damn you full time job, you sucks! LOLS

These past days, i can't help but kept thinking about our love stories, the moment you've done that makes me so happy, so touch & felt special that no-one else can ever done.

I misses these old days, when you brought me sushi at midnight 2am when I was hungry.
I misses these old days, when you do sweet talk,and tell me i look adorable every single day. 
I misses these old days, when you do so many little thoughtful sweet things that just melt my heart. You will carry napkins all the time 1 years ago, because i always sneeze in the winter and so you can hand it to me while i just need it.
I misses these old days, when you would put so many efforts on trying to impress me and show me how much you are worth it even tho we have so little time left before i went back to malaysia.
I misses these old days, when you bought me chocolate and flower and put it on the table while i was actually working on the floor.
I misses these old days, when you will start a blog for me so and write down how much you misses me when we're so far away from each other.

there were so much more... that i missed.

Looking at these youtube video you've made for me, make me smile so big, so big that i haven't have in so long. 
It is truly the sweetest things you have ever done for me, and of cause will always be.

Happy Valentine, babe ;)


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