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Wednesday, September 7, 2011
color my world
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oh boy!
do i miss my blog. oh hell yea!

hate working. hate full time. damnit ><"

oh i love you so much sat&sun ;D

anyways, finally have time to edit / upload / update my blog ^^

weekend outfit details;

urban outfitters top bee shirt
urban outfitters orange puffy skirt
club monaco leather belt
zara sandal
zara weekend shoulder bag

oh did i mention zara finally,finally can shop online starting last night!

oh cool beans isnt it ;D

& some food photos to make you hungry! ha.

i love these, my favorite!

both me&boyfriend total obsess with ramen lately

trying out another ramen restaurant

buh ehh.. totto ramen still the best!!

spicy kimchi ramen

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