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Thursday, June 23, 2011
date with my love
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date with loved one over the weekend have always cheer me up 
after 5 days of not seeing him,
sat&sun is the only days i can wake up next to him whispering good-morning in his ear

last friday,
while we're planning to bought take-out & dine in home around 10:30pm
astroboy (my boyfriend) went into duane reade next door & purchased candle and lighter
i wonder why? i asked him.
he said, so we can have a candle light dinner in the park
he wanna to do something romantic for me

awwww... .. aww... ^^
my smile just grow so much bigger while he said that to me

thanks you babe :)
i seriously am

for everything you did that night

on saturday,
we decided to take a little trip to uptown manhattan
for alexander mcqueens exhibition located at metropolitan museum

we bought some sushi and drink from restaurant
& enjoyed our lunch right infront by the staircase of museum

trying to take 1 photo of myself before entering the rooftop garden

there is a elevator specially for rooftop garden by the ES section in museum

spectacular new york's view
i lovesss this place, it is like a gem to discover! 

me & the loves one :)

2 martini and snack bar up there,
so everyone can enjoy a sip of alcohol, relax and enjoy the perfect view

boyfriend ordered a mid-day martini for me because he know i will absolutely loves it
and damn he is right!
my first time trying martini and i fall in love with that drink!
it is a mix of mango juice and rum

now all i talked about is, i want a mid-day martiniiiiiii! :X

later at night,
we went to meat packing district for dinner

we want italian cuisine so badly, because we both want bread!! ;)

everywhere is packed and relax during saturday

2 blue point oyster for us
each cost $3

grilled squid

linguini with clam sauce

after dinner, 
we decided to take a walk at high-line park

such a great night i really wanna say :')

i loves a night like this where we can talked non-stop, 
hug and kiss whenever we want 
& hold hand tight still

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