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Sunday, March 6, 2011
sunday date
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Oh lovely Sunday.

terrible sleep. bad dream.
ehhh whatever.

. down emotion //

decided to go Pavilion hoping it will cheer me up a little.

Lunch with older brother who just came back from China.

wearing lovely pink/pearl/gold chain's necklace from Forever 21 :)

& front fringe is so annoying now T_T"

Looked thru my bag closet
& thinking i really should put them in use instead of keep hiding them.

so ta-da....!
Hello my gigantic Zara bag :D

After window shopping for a while,
need a rest& food.

Heard that times bookstore on 6th floor have a cute cafe, so here i am!

Walk toward all the way in the end, and you will notice it.

I really want a piece of mille crepe!

I guess i am too late. The mille crepe sold out!! :'(
i want some dessert really really badly.

anyways, so i ordered mushroom pasta / rm12.00
& ice peach tea / rm5

Oh nice.

This is so my place. I am gonna come here once per week i think :P

Everything is just so adorable and lovely!

Look at the white lamp, the table, the chair, the display, the creative ideas of decorations.
Oh cuteness.

& you can just grab a book from bookstore and enjoy it in the cafe!
whoooo totally my favorite ^^

This place does cheer me up :)
Only if i get to taste the mille crepe, will be even better!

Oh, calm/ relax & enjoying!

A date with myself chilling at the cafe is so perfect :D

After pv, went to Sungai Wang to meet my mom.

Outfit of the day:
Inner blue dress - Forever 21
Outer long sleeve shirt - MNG

shoes - Nine West
watch - Kenneth Cole by Astroboy
bag - Zara

oh by the way,
your blog is cute today.
a ^^ for you :)

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