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Monday, March 14, 2011
just eat&movies
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hey saturday, i am doing pretty good today.

have some serious movie outings to catch
and real foods to stop my drool.

oh, satisfaction!

i guess my "bad-hair-day" will still last at least 1 more month till my fringe grow long :(
Oh man.

Sunway Pyramid.

While my friend is lining up for movie tickets,
i went to bought this famous Ireland Potato fries.
It have many other flavor, such as sour cream,wasabi, etc...
& i, as a cheese lover, of cause ordered cheese fries ^^

cost around RM11.50

Kinda disappointed with this one,
because the cheese is nasty and not flavorful enough!

& another disappointment :(

takoyaki with octopus / RM4.00

Oh favorite :)

Oh sunway pyramid had changed so much since the last time i been here.
like 4 years ago?

I still remembered i came there to ice skate with my elementary friends.
oh it was such a happy day.

passion fruit drink held on my hand taste baddddddd :(

Outfit of the day:

blue&white stripe top - hollister
pant - zara
belt - forever 21
bag- zara
shoes - from China

bow cardigan - h&m

2 movies in a row!

watched "Big Mommas" is hilarious!
rate 8/10.

ehh.. "127 hours" is.... soso.
rate 5/10.

no popcorn, not happy.

because we have to save the stomach for some good foods^^

introducing "Frames Cafe" located at old wing, Sunway Pyramid

nice ambiance, a lots of photo frames & super good services.

thanks astroboy for purchasing the voucher ^_*
so, we can have 2 ice lemon tea, a starter, a pasta & a burger for only RM30!!

oh awesome right.

i must give the credit to "hahah deal" for offering such a great deals :)

so thoughtful.
they gave you honey separately,
so for those who want sugar-free drink, just don't pour the honey in your lemon tea!

toasted bread on the bottom, with some tomato&onion on top.


My friend's chicken burger
originally on the menu it cost RM22

Since i got the voucher, this is a real good deal.

& my spicy seafood carbonara

sorry, i just wished it was more spiciness!
& less creamy :P

the portion is a bit big for us who have small appetite,
so please don't blame us for couldn't finishing up the meal =(
we do try hard....

& the most awesome part is...
we can just leave the table without paying any money!

Ha :D this feel gooooood.

because we already paid online while purchasing such great deal.
originally, it cost RM60, but we only paid RM30 for it.

in the evening, went back to Cheras & pick up some friends for dessert!

best part of the day.
because it involved with lots of mango :)

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