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Wednesday, February 16, 2011
Sushi&bubble tea
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Yesterday morning,
supposed to watch movie at 11am.

But then my phone alarm didn't go on,
so i got up really late until Quennie called me.
lols xP

Papa G was my driver :D

Where else can we be?
of cause Pavilion again. = ="

We're both starving and been walking for over 30minutes looking for restaurant.

We're too tired to look for more,
so we settled down at Sakae Sushi restaurant.

red sofa, so comfy!

This is why i'll prefer Sakae Sushi over Sushi King.
They have automatic computer for you to made any order.
So, no waiter/waitress needed!

By they way, their sushi taste better too!

Always, my food adventure buddy - Queenie :)

Unagi handroll, Tuna sushi & xxx maki...
They cost RM3.90 & RM1.90

Oh my, this is so delicious!!!
It is crabmeat, RM3.90

I tell myself, i must order this everytime i go Sakae Sushi!

& here come our deluxe bento box! :D

It have salmon,chicken katsu,soup, curry tomato, egg
& omgyummylicious cheese muscle!!!

Thanks for always accompany me to do what i always like,
such as food adventure & shopping :P

It is an absolute comfort to be myself everytime I am with you.

& It is me smile so happy :)

Ehh,our hair bang & color almost looked the same!

I called her new hairstyle - "lionking"
Ha :D

Pavilion never fail those photo-addict like me,
who always like to take photos with every cute things/theme!

Outfit of the day:

Pearl&gold necklace - H&M
Inner grey tight dress - H&M
Outer light pink top - H&M
Legging - H&M

Shoes - Urban Outfitters

Bag: Michael Kors

yeah. I am kinda a h&m fans :D

Chatime again!
Ughhh such a long line ><"

Trying out new drink - Longan with lemon and jelly.
RM5.90 regular size

Never ever will I try this again! It taste weird :(

I misses my plum black tea.

My new love, floral legging from H&M, cost around $10 usd dollars.

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