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Friday, February 18, 2011
Fukuharu Japanese Restaurant
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Last night was the last day of Chinese New Year "元宵"

elder people will go temple at night,
& younger generation will go to park "抛柑"

My mom been asking me to accompany her to temple,
& Queenie asked me to go to park with her.

But I can't! sob* :(

Because my friend Fei Kang already date me since last week.

Just finished showering & dolled up.

Waiting patiently for almost over 1 hour for my friends to pick me up.

I was bored, so i just randomly taking photos of myself.

Oh my chubby face & body,
gained so many fats since i'm back to Malaysia.

I blamed on the delicious foods here :P

After they picked me up,
We been driving&circling over and over around KLCC area to look for our restaurant,
but still terribly failed ><"

Our regular destination is Tamarind Spring restaurant,
which is a Thai cuisine and have romantic ambiance!
Perfect spot for last night since it was Chinese Valentine's day.

Anyways, sadly to said .. we couldn't find it!
So we all decided that, whatever the next restaurant we saw, we just go in.
Because we're famishing for foods!

So we found Fukuharu Japanese Restaurant, around resident housing area.
Simple & organic!

The address: Hock Choon Terrace, Lorong Nibong, Off Jalan Ampang
(Behind Hock Choon Supermarket & opposite SuCasa Hotel)
City : Jalan Ampang
; State : WP Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 017-209-8477

The setting of the terrace was charming.
It actually have 3 other restaurant and 1 cafe combined together.
& Fukuharu is one of the restaurant.
Another Italian restaurant upstair was no longer there.

FUKUHARU Restaurant serves a Kaiseki Japanese dinner that's a feast for any palate

My order, Soft Shell Crab Temaki, RM12.00

If Maki (means sushi roll for everyone) will be RM24.00

Sashimi bowl with salt sushi rice on the bottom, come as a set with below fried tempura.
Sashimi & Fried tempura, cost RM36.00

I forgot the name of this, RM34.00

To us, this plate wasn't really that special comparing to ours.

& some of us only order fried rice & i didn't take pics of it.

Cute menu board.
The waiter actually carry and deliver this to our table just to show us the special menu.

We're done & ready to get our ass outside to snapshot some photos :D
Another big-open space dining area. Very neat!
Illy cafe was just right outside the restaurant.
Perfect spot for after drinks or coffee for some hearty/business talk!

For those who likes outdoor dining or drinking facing the green plants and get some fresh air.

Us, the four girls in front of the side pool.

This is like our 3rd photos in the same location,
because either me or the other girl complaining that our arm is too chubby ><"
It was Indonesian restaurant right behind us, on second floor.

I hear someone say, next time lets dine here!
Okay! :D

Fei Kang & other 2 new friends i met that night.

Ehh...i m the shortest &chubbier ;'(

Outfit of the day:
Plain white top : Forever 21
Bubble Skirt: Topshop at New York
Purple bow shoes: Zara at Las Vegas

Bag: Michael Kors

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