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Saturday, January 29, 2011
Restaurant Week!
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Restaurant Week NYC is here again :)
...ding ding!
Jan 26- Feb 6th

just go here*
& you will see a list of 300&more restaurants participate for it.

To me, this is a once-in-a-year great opportunity i don't want to miss!

Lunch $24.07 dollars ; Dinner $35.00 dollars
mostly come with appetizer,entree & dessert.

(The entrance)

Me& Astroboy always wanted to try Morimoto restaurant located at Chelsea Market,
After we watched the iron chef TV show on food network,
we totally adore him ;D

I actually secret wish he appear in the restaurant that day!

ehhh, not my lucky day :(

Astroboy said he mostly show up on night time.

Two floor.

Basement is lounge bar, & freaking awesome auto-flush bathroom.
& first floor is dining room.

Gotta love the shinning sparkling glasses hang on the wall!

Sushi bar and kitchen.

Our dining spot. Mostly for couple or 2 people seating.

My lover - Astroboy.
wearing the shirt i bought him from Malaysia.
i kept telling him he looked so cute that day.
Ha ;P

My bad.
I ordered sparkling water accidentally.
It actually cost $8.00 dollar

My hair look so silly that day Ha :P

& my favorite unagi/fresh water eel.
$5 dollars

Awww. So savory.
The eel itself is very fresh!

& our order came.
We both ordered bento box.

The restaurant menu have three different choices of bento box,
which are beef, fish & vegetarian.

He ordered fish.

So hungry!
but my cramps been killing me during that moment.
Totally ruining my mood :(

& my order - waygu beef bento box.

Green salad, miso soup, fried food with their specialty sauce,
3 pieces of raw sushi and 3 pieces of raw sashimi,
& waygu beef of cause :)

OMFG i must said the sauce is superrrrr delicious!
I want the recipe so badly ><" To be frankly, I never really likes raw fish or sashimi. Therefore, i will never order or try those when i go Jap restaurant. Surprisingly! The raw sushi&sashimi is very fresh, and it doesn't have the fishy/seafood smell or taste i hate! I finished them all with no complain :)
Very little pieces of beef.
But taste sooo sooooo soooooo good!

Happily waiting for my dessert to come.
The bento box is so tasty,
i'm pretty sure the dessert won't let me down ;)

& i was right!
This green tea dessert is heavenly tasting good!
with fresh berries.

Knowing i am a dessert lover,
Astroboy pursued me to order one more dessert that wasn't on restaurant week menu.
&i did :)

The waitress recommend apple turban,
but i order this.

It is called Tofu hot&cold, $12 dollars
Maple icecream with fresh berries, soy milk souffle,
and tofu cheesecake with espresso.

Too bad, my cramps is hurting me so much,
I only have couple bites then I can't take it nomore.

Pearl is a must, every time i go on a date with Astroboy :)

Will be back one day! when we're rich :) Ha

Thanks you my lover for today over-budget lunch.
Of cause i enjoy and love it :)

This man use all his heart to love me, to spoil me, to give me everything he can.
it just amazing to have someone love me like he do.

Happy 9th month anniversary

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