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Monday, January 24, 2011
movie day
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have this "Movie Day" with my gals & astroboy on 42nd street.

The ticket only cost $6 dollar before 12pm noon,
such a steal!

then we watched 3 movie in a row!
The Black Swan, Narnia 3D & Tron 3D.

around 7pm,
my gals left.
& we stayed at times square for some evening walk.

& we decided to go toy r'us to look for some lego,
for queennie&her boyf.

ehh, we only have $20 dollar in our wallet that day,
& the lego i likes cost $40.

so...... =( sorry queennie.

Then we found this cool lego made starwars character!!

Astroboy assumed he is taller than me.
i am like, that is way imposisble!!

then, i saw the photo. i compared.
hmmm... mm..... whatever!

Later, go back to 14st for some hot soup & ramen.

This is called Kambi Ramen.
located at 14st and 1st avenue.

They only sell ramen, and very little variety of appetizers,
such as gyoza, edamanme, salad and beers.

No-make up face is completely comfy :D

My order - Spicy Miso Soup Ramen, $13 dollars

The soup is very thick& creamy, and not too spicy.

i forgot the name lols, well it cost only $10.50

The soup is lighter compared to mine, but more flavored!

I actually likes this one better :)

.... one more weeks till I left this city! :(

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