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Wednesday, January 5, 2011
lunch,macarOn&best buddy
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Jan 5th, 2011.

The 11th* days at New York City.

woke up around 1pm, and went to K-town for lunch,
with my boyfriend and little Eric.

We have Vietnamese cuisine "Pho&Shabu".

later, went to 36th street for my favorite number#1 macarOns!

da ta! :D

This is MacarOn Cafe at 485 7avenue.

Basically, they sell coffee, macarons and some breakfast.

Each cost $2.25.

LOVES Honey Lavender!
it was purple and have this lavender smell that i fall in love with.

Pistachio was one of my favorite too.
I think the might use fresh nut, because you can really smell it while u bite on it.

Lastly is Vanilla flavor,
according to what the staff said, it was one of the best seller!
but i found it a bit sweet. LOLS

Later, went to St Mark to meet up with Mr.Frank aka my photography buddy!

Hey Hey you!
damn such a pro now.

wearing gay shoes, mad skinny jean and blazer,
hmm.. totally a different outlook from the first day i met u!

goshhh finally one nice photo that i liked so far since i got to the city.
thankiessssss franklin :D

the worst restaurant ever.
bad sushi, bad service, bad food, bad scallop teriyaki and bad salmon too!
head shake shake ...

it feels like i never really left the country...
the same old conversation, the same old us...
no awkwardness at all
this is just great.

awwww Pinkberry frozen yogurt still da best!
especially with pomegranate juice on top!

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