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Monday, January 17, 2011
I'm so into Thai food
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Last week, afternoon,
on the way to 34st,
I'm like, damn i really want some Thai lunch now.
So we found one just next to Astroboy's house, which is at 14st.

Both of us were totally into Thai Cuisine now.
It was savory!

I have a bad hair day. that is ;(

@ Kati Restaurant.

So great, they have this lunch speacial,
where you got 1 appetizer and 1 entree for the price less than $8!

I got the house salad, with homemade peanut dressing.
OMG. I loves this dressing. So enjoyable.
I even likes this better than Ceasar dressing :D

Astroboy, posing with his favorite appetizer - spring roll.

Another reason why i love Thai cuisine,
because of their spicy and sour/sweet sauce!
delectable for sure.

My's every time must order soup since i came back from Thailand trip couple months ago.
In Thailand, they called it "Tom-Yum-Gong"
Here, it called "Tom-Yum"

You can choose the meat you like to go with it, like beef/chicken or shrimp.

Astroboy's entree - Red Curry, chicken & bamboo with white rice.

Compare to green curry,
this is more creamy and sweeter.

My spicy basil noodle.
It is flat noodle, broccoli, basil and shrimp.

It was spicylicious good :D

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