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Monday, January 24, 2011
Hi-tea at Rosehouse
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Last wednesday,
went on a high-tea session with my lovely galfriends.

tea,cakes,foods, chit-chatting & lovelies is love :)

Rosehouse at Flushing, New York City.

Great ambiance, antique set& cozy environment,
perhaps, romantic for a date of 2 too.

Our seating,
and that is Ms.Phibbie :)

It feel like a candle light romantic meal.
without boy, we girls can still be intimate and sincere.

fresh rose on every table.

Dessert Tier, $32 dollars

The top part : chocolate cake, cheesecake & green tea icecream
Middle part : scone with jam, cream puff, fruit& cream, chocolate
Bottom: sandwich, salad and ham with veggie

I think the sandwich is most tasty among all.
Ehh. disappointed -_-"

anyways, it is the correct way to start with the bottom part's,
then move to the upper level.

cute yanyan & big forehead's owner of the blog - Kirby G

my lovelies - Phibbie & Julia

The tier dessert come with a pot of tea, on your choice.

Besides this, we also ordered some other tea.
such as fruit tea& milk tea.

I must said, their tea taste really good!

The fruit tea is a lots of fruit flavor, very fresh and tempting.
Milk tea is very smooth and creamy.

But each tea pot cost $12. Kinda pricey.

We also ordered 2 dishes of salty food.
Seriously, i can't take too much sweet stuff. Ehh.

This is duck meat with soup, and 2 piece of cookies come along.

This one taste much better than duck!

It is chicken leg with fruit salad.

An overview of my lovely brunch ;)

jealous? oh don't be. Ha!

& later we went to karaoke at Sky Blue, Flushing.
with other 4 buddies.

Hello William in red! Long time no see :D

& omg. Can't believe ever since i left NYC half years ago,
i never went karaoke at Malaysia!

reasons? because i didn't find my karaoke buddy yet :(

blah blah.. who cares. I have truckload of fun that day!

Franklin Yeep, my malaysian buddy.

Thanks you girls, sincerely :)
i always enjoy every single moment with you all.

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