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Tuesday, January 25, 2011
Chilling session
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Last Friday night,
went on a date night with my favorite girl and photography buddy.

For how long,
we never hang out in a group of 3, with just only us three.
Pretty long. 2 years?
I am relieved & happy.

Those old feeling were back.
We still the same old persons. Nothing much change.
Except the haircut and the fact we're older and growing in our life :)

After dolled up.
Wearing purple contact lens for the very first time.
So blurry, so not used to the eye effect. But so cool.

Top - Topshop, RM100
Necklace - Diva at Malaysia, RM49

Supposedly want to go famed Ippudo for their famous ramen and free filling noodle.
but... oh well. The famous it is, the crowded it is ;(
It is 2 hour wait. WTF?

we're too hungry to wait for it!

Then, we walked one more blocks to this Thai cuisine.
The restaurant is located at second floor, at East Village,
called "Thai"

In this photo, i starting to see some changes on myself.
More mature.

The older we girls get to, the younger look we want to achieve.

Somehow, sometimes,
i prefer mature outlook.
It is more the age.
But, act our age is more important than just the appearance, of cause!

It is almost the same time period when i met you both.
I am glad we still hangout together & stay close after two summers&winters.

Oh Frank :)
I misses our photography talk, and doing shoot together.
I barely have nice &satisfied photo of myself now lols :(

& hey dont forget my assistant position in the future! ha

Tom Yum Shrimp, $6 dollar

After i've try couple Thai restaurant and their soup,
this definetely not the best one i have.

It is not sour and spicy enough!

Appetizer - salad with lamp?
not too sure about what kind of meat it is, but i guess it is lamp.

The sauce is a bit too over & salty.

Entree- Panang curry with shrimp and scallop
$16 dollars

My favorite! ^^

I forgot the name.. well as you can see, it is shrimp again :)
cost around $16 dollars.

after dinner, we went to Chikalicous Dessert Bar for dessert :)

It is at 203 E 10th St
(between 1st Ave & 2nd Ave)
New York, NY 10003

The store is a bit small, but cozy.
& always packed with people.

They have icecream, sorbet, cakes, shaved ice, macaron, coconut masmallow, cookies and others!
& coffee, beverages too :)

a really convenient place to hangout after dinner at East Village!

I wish my gal can stay strong, and be happy like she used to be before.
& i misses you all the time, no matter i am here or not.
I misses the yanyan that always happy and smiling :)

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