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Monday, December 20, 2010
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a lovely Sunday!

Always want to go "good-rated" delicious restaurant,
heard of their very nice inner decoration and variety of tasty foods!

Downstair, first floor is Western Food with nice romantic ambiance,
... ehh, perhaps called "Dine"
It is under a same company group named "The Delicious Group"

& second floor is delicious restaurant.

You will easily find this restaurant if you follow the way to KLCC Sentral.

Address: Lot 1.1, Ground Floor dua annexe,
No.211 Jalan tun Razak 50400 Kuala Lumpur.


Honestly, I LOVE this place, effin muchoo!

Cute lamp deco, warm color&painting, big space& bright and clean,
and so much more to compliment about!

This place can totally be my Sunday-friend/boyfriend/family's hangout zone :)

so comfortable.
Ha :D
we sat at the wrong spot.

This sofa-area only for beverages& dessert session!
which is super perfect for more heart-to-heart talk after dining.

Blue & White. Matches so well & my favorite :)

I can totally see myself visiting back here at night,
for some easy&relaxing beer/wine & cakes!

The beverage/wine bar.
Classy & simply nice with the adorable white lamp hang at the ceiling.

The cake display, actually.. they're real cakes!
They provide more than 10 choices of different cakes
including so sweet brownie, cupcakesssss, tiramisu, chocolate pudding and more!
awww :P

(right) Qing & Kirby G (me ^_* left)

I need to pay a visit to hair salon as quick as i can. Seriously i do.
But .. I still have no idea whether i should cut the fringe or leave it so messy like now ;(

Seriously, help me. Give me more idea&comment plsssseaseee!

My drink - Earl Grey Tea
RM $7.90 a pot

hmmm.. yea.. i wonder.. will they refill the tea for free?

The music & the tea.
All i need is some closest friend and some heart-talk chitchatting!

Aglio Olio Spaghetti, RM $15.90

The noodle itself is very crunchy and thin,
exactly what I adore and loves!
& very light flavor.

Too bad, the chef might have put a bit too much olive oil on it ;(
This is my friend's entree.
I'm not really sure what it called,
....maybe - Tunisian Eggplant & Roasted Tomato Spaghetti?
RM $18.90

We said it was the best spaghetti among our's at the beginning,
wait..we've change our mind.

It too creamy and heavy flavor,
you'll feel nauseous after couple bites.

My friend said that this is his first time cant&not gonna finish the meal!
Traditional Tomato Spaghetti, RM $17.90

Not bad.
Portion is bigger than Aglio Olio Spaghetti = ="

I am so hungry,
i finished my paste in less than 10 minutes LOLS

well, actually..
we mix&share&eat each others dishes
because my friend is nauseous about his spaghetti

A good lunch gives me the right&happy mood for the rest of my day :)
This is what I need every Sunday. Ha ^_*

My food&shopping buddies of the day.

I wanna dine next to the bright window next time!
facing the green tree is such a view :)

Dessert is a must, for me.
Strawberry Cheese Cake, RM12.90

To be frankly, i never a cheesecake person.
I still couldn't stand the cheesecake flavor melt in my mouth!

But, this cake is different.

I actually enjoyed every bites i have,
especially with the strawberry jam.

Satisfied, very :)

Damnit. I looked so dark skin next to my friend.

OMG. The lamb is way too cute, i wanna steal one and take it back to my room!

Oh yea.. Did I mention they have live music performance here!

Seriously, with reasonable price, good foods& drinks and lovely ambiance,
why wouldn't I loves it!

Light pink long skirt & belt bought at Thailand, Chatuchak.
It was a separate piece along with the white tank.

Sofa with the view & the open bright space is so relaxing.
I wish we have more time here ughh

KLCC Sentral next.

Purple Christmas lighting&deco is love <3>

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