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Monday, October 25, 2010
"it is all about food" day!
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last friday,
been craving for this day for so long!
Because it was totally a food adventure's outing,
non-stop eating & walking& shopping!
Ha :D

just found out i am really sick by the morning i got up,
but nothing can stop me,
to eat good foods & hangout with my gal :)
@ Pavilion,
waiting for my silly girl to find her parking lots & meet me.

Been nagging said i wanna come here for couple weeks alredy!
just because my aunt said it taste really good.

Me&Quennie always said we will eat dessert here,
but endup we're way too full all the time.

Finally, this time, we're smart.
We eat this, before we enjoy real lunch.

I don't think i am too short,
i think the counter desk was too high!

Whooooooooo it came!

2 of this for rm13.00*

I ordered their best seller & must try series.

Ha, even she can't wait to tried it out!

Oh yea, the bowl was HUGE and full of ice&jello.


the jello-look-alike is very soft and crunchy

i can't stop eating the black part, so yummylicioussssssss

what a surprise!
the ice taste like my favorite tofu-dessert's flavor.

astroboy will love this xD

good friends is hard to find,
i am lucky to have one who always willing to go crazy with me,
and accompany me doing everything i loves.

Thanks my gal :)

i actually think their nose was so alike!
><" hahahahhaas

You can tell,
we're born to be best friends,
look at our smile.
Ha ^^

BATWOMEN, anyone?
or perhaps, super women? catwomen?

only RM20 each set!

hey, don't be surprised if i said i purchase one of those cute bra set from cotton on,

you just have to guess which set?

across the street, Starhill Gallery, here we come!

I heard, this is the most luxury mall in Malaysia.
yea, you can totally tell by the delicate interior design and whooo the cute elevator!
so French.

perfect spot for after-work drinking session.
We need to be here one night too,

wandering around, looking for my 3.6 lunch promotion i found online,
and BOOM! I saw it!

This is called Fisher Man's Cove.

Actually, Starhill Gallery have 3 other restaurant who are doing this 3.6 tea break promotion.
3.6 means everything on the menu is RM3.60!

Just go here and search for more!

The restaurant was decorate like a ship.

But, ehhhh the chair was sooooo heavy to pull!

My drink is xxx mojito.
They both taste like flower sweet tea.

Of cause, RM3.6o each!

Chicken Sausage RM3.60
Queenie loves this, I am so-so.

My love, Ceasar Salad!

Gosh, i misses my new york day where i almost order Ceasar Salad everytime i dine-in or dine-out.

It is the only vegetable i can eat every single day
& not sick of it.

Fried Calamari RM3.60

it was so-so, but at least the mayo sauce give it a extra flavor.

Satay RM3.60

Not bad at all!

Mashed Potato RM3.60

you can tell it was home-made, because the sauce is unique.

Clam Spaghetti RM3.60

Among all,
i think pasta really worth every penny and even beyond.
Because the dish is big portion compare to other
and very light flavor.

Oh yea, we ordered another Carbonara Pasta too,
very tasty! i finished all :)

This honey chicken wing is surprisingly good!

craving for more, ughh give it to me NOW!

Guess how many we ordered?
Ha, total 10 items.
8 food dishes, and 2 beverage.

Two of us actually managed to finished all of them.

My smile always the biggest when it come to food.

Damnit, Queenie always tease at me about it now ><"

Bill please!

Total Amount : RM41.40.

Awesome price, awesome foods, Great ambiance too!

The drinking session next to the restaurant.
Very creative, colorful & unique lamps!

Beer or wine here, next time?

First, i gotta learn how to drink = ="

Adore the flower shape's ceiling's light.

This mall is lack of some population,

After walking & discovering the new mall "Fahrenheit 88",
we're tired & exhausted.

So, we're back to Pavilion again.

Time to sit down, and relax.
& of cause, some drink.

She ordered flower hot tea.
Ha, she loves it!
She kept saying, omg it taste so good.

Ughhhhh i am craving for my unagi handroll!

Totally a super satisfied & most happy girl after having this long fun day,
eating the yummy dessert,
enjoying the awesome 3.6 tea break,
& lastly this relaxing evening snack time :')

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