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Friday, July 19, 2013
{punta cana,dr IIIII}
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Day 4. I been telling Chin that i wanted try snorkeling 2 months ago, so we joined this 4 hour snorkeling trip for extra $48 per person. Took a short 15 shuttle card ride to the public beach of punta cana, which is even beautiful! With people with such sense of humor, we are having amazing time during the whole trip.  Definitely worth it! Because not only we got to snorkeling, but also they brought us to see real dolphin, and have drinks standing on the sea. Oh boy, i must swim with dolphin in the nearest future! This trip will be even better, well, if only I didn't got seasick during the whole trip  :( Sigh. I am angry at myself too. But it was so much fun looking at Chin and his family dancing on the boat. People there were smart knowing that sense of humor will got them tips, a lots of it! Even this is a all-inclusive vacation, but people there were so nice and funny, we end up spending a lots on tipping. After i throw up like twice, i finally felt better and dressed up for dinner at Steakhouse. 

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