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Friday, June 21, 2013
{weekend diary}
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WEEKEND DIARY.  Summary of my recent two weekends together in this post.
Dinner at The Mermaid Inn at East Village on Friday night. Happy hour oyster deal is just so hard to say no! Their happy hour is Monday-Friday, from 5-7pm. We ordered 14 east coast oysters and another two $3 fish tacos to share. By the end of the meal, it came with a complimentary delicious chocolate pudding. Saturday, we went to Madison Square Park for BBQ block event. The lines seem crowded than last year, and the price jump from $7 to $9. We bought two different baby back ribs from different stalls, and i am not impressed with the flavor at all :( At Sunday, we went to Williamsburg for flea market, later visiting my new found bakeri/bakery shop that have cute secret garden, with their homemade bread and pastries. Cant wait to go back and enjoy the relaxing noon with Chin :)

Last Saturday,  we went to watched IMAX 3D "Man of Steel" with Chin and his cousin. Lunch at The Smith, and then walked around Central Park. Sunday noon, walked to Soho for the famous "cronut" bakery by Dominique Ansel. Of cause the cronuts sold out within 1 hour of their opening hours, but i am glad i came because it have good bakery/pastries and nice outdoor seating. Ordered 10 piece of fresh made Madeline, and iced latte, with a magazine to spent the noon with. Aw, what a lovely Sunday noon :)

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