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Friday, May 31, 2013
{atlantic city travel diary}
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AC TRAVEL DIARY. Me and Chin usually will visit Atlantic City once per summer each year. It is just a nice mini get-away from New York City, and just enjoy ourself walking on the boardwalk. Originally planned to Boston as our anniversary trip, but due to the marathon tragedy, we decided to delay it. I saw a hotel deal on groupon, and I told chin lets just go to atlantic city! The groupon deal is $99 for one night stay at Resort City that include buffet,show ticket,spa for two and extra $10 credit to gamble. Such a good deal i must say! 

I didn't take much photos of what we do, or eat, because we are too busy enjoying the quality time with just us two. This trip reminded of the good old times when we went to Baltimore together. Perhaps, Baltimore again for the third time, next, Chin? :D

We usually will do the same old thing, walk the same old way, and eat the same old foods whenever we visited a repeated places. For AC, I must eat England clam chowder at Phyllis Express, and delicious ice custard from Rita's. They are just right next to each other located at the boardwalk of Ceasar hotel. It is a tradition that i will be really grumpy if i don't get to eat it. Like this trip, i get upset because my clam chowder wasn't ready to serve when we order it before we catch the bus. It is not like their soup is really tasty, it just i feel the extra need to have clam chowder soup when i am next to the river. LOLS

Oh, and i bought three bags from coach outlet. One for mom, and small wristlet and orange crossbody bag for me! The price for three, including tax is around $250.

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