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Saturday, May 11, 2013
{anniversary dinner}
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OUR 3rd ANNIVERSARY DINNER. I have many choices in my head planning for dinner, but i endup decided to go back to Morimoto restaurant, simply because i know i will enjoyed their food the fullest. Lets just be honest, we both are chef morimoto biggest fans! Watching him cooked on iron chef show is one of our favorite tv time. This is our second time dine in at Morimoto, and service there is good as usual, so do the foods!

Appetizer, we have their famous signature toro tartare with 5 different sauce. I ordered Duck, duck duck for entree. Chin ordered a simple ramen, and i was like, what!? And i gave him the dirty look that who will order ramen at morimoto!? When the noodle came, i was shocked, because it was just soup with little noodle and chicken Not to mention the portion is not big. I have a sip first just so thinking i can gave him more of my dirty look for ordering this. And damn it! I am wrong. The broth was so tasty and amazing! Hand downs, the best broth we had! Even the noodle was so smooth and different than everybody else. Well, because they hand make it. No wonder. We literally finished the soup from the bowl, and actually thinking of ordering another one. No kidding, this ramen is just so simply amazing. Anyways, since the ramen was so small, so i ordered extra tempura roll. My entree, duck wasn't bad. It just too big of a meat portion for me, and luckily Chin is sharing with me. 

Oh yea, the cheesecake souffle was tasty too!

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