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Friday, March 15, 2013
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SATURDAY & RAMEN. Saturday have to be my absolute day of the week, because i get to dress up, hang out with Chin, walked around the city, and enjoy any foods i want :)
(oh well, thanks to chin too because he always willing to follow my choice ^_*)

First, we walked to 28th street to ate sushi as lunch because i misses the crab salad sushi. Then, we walked around thrift shop to see if we can find the pasta machine for Chin that we saw, hmm, a year ago. LOL
Then, we took L train to Bedford Ave. One of my favorite neighborhood that i insist to visit every once per month. I loves their coffee shop, restaurants, flea market, creative cool alley, vintage gems stalls, and many!.
Between blue bottle coffee and toby estate, we choose toby estate just so we can sat and chill until dinner. & it is amazing. The caramel coconut macaron is so tasty. Putting my leg on chin's, playing candy crush game while Chin is drawing on his sketch book is kinda relaxing.
& dinner, we went to ramen yebisu. I always wanted to try it when they first open at last summer. I ordered miso ramen, and chin ordered his usual favorite, spicy ramen. But their spicy ramen is soupless, unlike others, but quite taste compare to mine because it have more flavor.

Ugh, this coming Saturday is gonna be cold i guess we gonna stuck at home watching "one piece"

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