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Friday, March 1, 2013
{obsession for small cross body bags)
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(images via

(alexa chung's image via google) - wearing chanel quilt bag

(mira duma's images via google) - wearing paulacademartori

(mira duma's image via google - wearing hermes)

(mira duma's image via google -wearing ralph lauren)

(image via one of my favorite blogger) - wearing chanel boy

(both blogger's images via google - wearing rebecca minkoff)

& this bag below is sort of my current favorite now.

STELLA MCCARTNEY - croc-effect handbag 3
(image via online shopping site) - by stella mccartney $636

Unfortunately, the material for this bag is only faux-leather.
I sort of really want this bag, but the fact that it is not real leather just not as attractive to me :(

Oh how i wish i can find another similar bag with real leather material & affordable price!

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