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Friday, November 16, 2012
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(+J for Uniqlo coat, Urban Outfitters hat,  Zara knitwear& jean& bag, Joe Fresh booty)

IKEA & DRESS IN XMAS RED. Knitwear & jean = essential dressing code for winter! You have no idea how many knitwear i have bought from Zara over the past months! This one have to me one of my favorite because it is cheap $25.99 and comfortably cute.

Saturday, original plan is go Central park to explore more of its beauty. But then, we woke up late, so Chin said let's go Ikea then! 

The first picture was actually me getting excited, stand on a chair and point toward a helicopter. But i guess 50mm's lens is too limited for big picture like this. LOLS

Hmm, Ikea meatballs? Chin is the real lover, not me :D

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