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Tuesday, November 20, 2012
{burgundy booty&hat)
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( Urban outfitters hat, Zara shirt& jean& bag, Calvin Klein booty) 

BOOTY & HAT kinda of day with no eye makeup & bold lip statement. Last sunday weather is so amazing that i wish i can stay out the entire day. Finally find a chance to wore my new Calvin Klein burgundy booty that i got from my work. I am big booty person. I actually kinda want to buy this in black also. Yes, this is how crazy i am about booty. Haha

Went to Brooklyn-Bedford Ave's famous and my favorite outdoor flea market to look for a collar clipper. Oh boy was this my lucky day! Finally found the stall that sold the one i want. Trust me, i been looking everywhere for collar clipper. 

& later, went to tried Toby's estate for their coffee. One of the best coffee in New York. But Chin likes blue bottle more, perhaps because of their S'More. I personally likes Toby's because of the open space and transparent window. And they sell solid foods!

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