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Saturday, November 24, 2012
{birthday gifts from the love one}
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HAPPY 25th BIRTHDAY TO MYSELF! Well, not today of cause. It is Monday on 19. 
Still doesn't have time to edit the rest of photo yet, so next week ok? :D

Above were the card & gifts my silly boyfriend got me.

A homemade card, as usual, for every year of my birthday. 
(sometimes i think he have more girly side than me..bcuz i stop making him card after the 1st year lol)
Laduree macarons
(he finally got me the right one this time! haha xD)
A "Kirby World" that he spend 2 days making it
(wow! i was surprise and so cool! )
& lastly
A Tiffany&Co necklace
(because he knew that i always want a necklace from him that i can wear everyday ^^)

and i ask, "WHY NO ROSES :("

"Hey, i make you a permanent roses on the card! I learn it from youtube"

Haha. silly boy.