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Wednesday, September 5, 2012
{atlantic city}
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( Zara knit top & skirt & cardigan & sandal, Kate Spade rhinestone necklace, Foley+Corina backpack)

LABOR DAY WEEKEND/ATLANTIC CITY. Since we have three days for labor day weekend, we decide to go somewhere outside of NY for a short trip. & it was amazing :)

Cloudy day, but well who cares. In love with the boardwalk along with the beach, and casino, the food stall, candy shop and all that. Went to do a little shopping, got something for myself and my dad.

The highlight of this trip? Astroboy Chin won $70 dollar in slot machine! and hey, we start with 0 amaount because we played with the free $20 voucher the bus ride gave us, so he is pretty amazing on this :D

Hoping the free hotel and buffet come soon, so we can visit AC again!

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