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Thursday, June 14, 2012
{saturday outing}
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(H&M collar shirt, UrbanOutfitters dress, Zara sandal, Zara weekend bag)

Saturday Outing. One of my ideal weekend to be spend like this. Starting with loved one's home-made egg benedict as breakfast, and headed out to explored one of the famous new york summer's event - big apple barbecue.

Two blocks full of hungry crowd, smoky pig/sausages/meat, music, and of cause long queue too. There are more than 5 different stand that sell baby back rib, and we just choose the shorter line for it. Oh yumms!

Walked from 23rd to Soho. I thought my lazy feet wouldn't able to make it that far, guess what, i made it! It was a nice walk actually :)

Walked to Soho just so i can enjoy the Portugese tart in Choco Bolo, with a cup of ice mocchacino.

& walked back to 14th st looking for ramen restaurant to fulfill our craving.

This saturday is just amazing.