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Sunday, February 5, 2012
{Homemade Ravioli} by Chef Chin
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Homemade Mushroom Ravioli. Oh well, we don't make the ravioli from the scratch of cause! 
That night, all of a sudden, I wanna eat ravioli so bad, so i just asked chef chin fong aka Astroboy can he make some on Friday night? No doubt, of cause he said "Yes!" ^^ Went to Eately at 23rd street, which is a fancy Italian supermarket and some amazing food restaurant combine together. 

They made fresh ravioli, pasta and bread everyday. One pound of ravioli cost $12.00, and it is enough for 4 people portion. Bought 2 different kind of mushroom too. I asked why can't we just bought one , well he say it is in the recipe!
LOLS ><"

He made creamy mushroom sauce with chicken broth all by himself. All i gotta do is cut the bread, filled with butter & garlic. And guess what, i burn the bread because i wasn't aware of it. Gosh idiot!

And one & half hour, dinner for two is ready to be served at home! 

It was amazing :) just a little bit too salty, very little... 

thanks, astroboy.

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