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Sunday, February 12, 2012
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FOODS. As again, these were just part of weekend journey where me & Astroboy enjoy our relaxing sat & sun walking in the city.  Went to Chinatown "Yummy Noodle" for casserole rice & my cha siu lau mien. The peking duck bun was amazingly tasty because the bun is so soft! 

It just happened that the bread always got burned when I am the one doing it ;( I always got hungry around midnight, like 11 or 12pm. Therefore, making midnight meal have become one of his's specialty. And i honestly enjoyed it because it was just delicious.

I loves macaron so much, seriously i think i can ate these everyday. True, everyday.

After eating strawberry nutella crepe in Chelsea Market the other day, I wanted it so badly the next day, and Astroboy suggested that he can try to make it at home so we ended up went to supermarket next door and ta-da we're making it at home! Oh well, the skin doesn't come out good, but who cares it still taste good!

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