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Thursday, February 2, 2012
{City of New York}
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Charm of New York City/ Times Square. It was such a beautiful weather last Saturday. We went to a movie that make me tears so much. & then we start walked around 42nd street. Was thinking to grad a kebab for lunch, then we saw this snackbox truck stall in the middle of the street, and decide to give it a try. Ordered chili hot dog because Astroboy always compliment how good it is. 
Well, i do likes the chili :D

Walked into NBC candy store to searched for the sugar rock candy that he wanted so bad, and endup both laughed and joke about all these NBC shows, such as his favorite  "The Office" , and my favorite show "Six Friends"

This city is so full of tourist that kept me thinking " I wanna go on a trip too and be like them!"

Actually, almost everyday, my mind was thinking about vacation/trip. I hope we can both makes it real soon ;(

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