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Sunday, January 29, 2012
{random} weekend
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RANDOM WEEKEND. Weekend is the only days me&Astroboy can enjoy good foods and be relax. It is either Cafe Habana or Tacombi for delicious tacos whenever we were at the Soho area. I loves their crispy shrimp & corn cheese taco, and Astroboy's favorite have to be fish tacos of all time!

Friday night, chilled with another couple at Hong Kong restaurant, by Chinatown. The next day, we went shopping and enjoyed another delicious dinner with the same couple too :D
 Sapporo East's Kaiyaki is such an amazingly delicious appetizer that i wish we would have order the second one! Ha. & Astroboy have his first try with raw meat. I sort of like it, so do him.

Sunday night, Astroboy cooked me Yakisoba so i can bring to work as lunch ^^ It is one of his specialty.

Was obsessed with Coca Cola Vanilla recently. Gotta have a sip of coke, & chips, while sitting on cough watching movies with him on Saturday.

Lastly, my first red envelope in Chinese New Year! from Astroboy's mom ;) The best one still, from my sister of cause!

I hope 2012 will be an awesome & fortunate year to both of me & him, and my friends, family too.

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