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Friday, January 6, 2012
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Mitsuwa Market Place. Last thursday, while astroboy still on the probation period after the second days he got 4 wisdom teeth pulled out. I missed Mitsuwa ramen so badly, so i neglect his tooth pain, and decided to went to New Jersey from the city = =" Every Wednesday & Thursday, shuttle van to Mitsuwa from 42nd St is free for one ride ^^

Since we have to wait for 30 minutes for the ramen to be done, we ran to the bakery shop immediately for my favorite "daifuku". It taste so deliciousss! It was a real strawberry wrap with red bean filling - $2.75. I hope i can eat these every single day.

Amazingly delicious meiji melty strawberry flavor chocolate. My favorite onigiri in eel flavor. Tasty chips in hot&chili, and seaweed flavor. Astroboy's favorite cha-siu rice with my favorite spicy miso ramen. & lastly, my messy hair is driving me nuts = ="

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