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Saturday, December 24, 2011
{weekend} 121711
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WEEKEND. Finally able to went back to my old neighbor for Indonesia lunch! I am so excited before even entering the restaurant. I loves their spicy chicken, especially the fried egg and veggie! so delicious :D Also, their drink is my favoriteeeee! 

Everytime i tie-up my hair, astroboy just tease me for dressing like a grandma. I HATE HIM ><" 
& yay we're wearing a similar brow-tone shoes :) Except i think mine's loafer is so much cooler. HA!

Went to ramen place at st mark for dinner, at Saturday night. Such a terrible idea. We both ordered spicy miso ramen since we loves the spice-ness so much. But this ramen just ruin our mood :( It is not spicy at all, and salty! Totto ramen & Mitsuwa have the best ramen so far in my food list!

Later at night, we just went to japanese/korean supermarket to stock up some snack for midnight since the ramen do not satisfied us. Korean's melon pop is the best! Oh, strawberry flavor is actually not bad too. & WTF! they have hazelnut and my favorite white chocolate kit-kat! Unbelievable :D 

Sunday. Went shopping around 34st, and bought half-dozen of krispycreme's donuts. I am so in love with their glazed donuts, so heavenly delicious. So much tastier than Dunkin Donuts!  

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