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Wednesday, December 28, 2011
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CHRISTMAS EVE. This year, Christmas is a slightly more relaxing to me&astroboy.
We have an amazing family lunch at Gyukaku with his family, then we went to a movie date. Tears a bit while watching "New Year Eve". After we got out of the movie theater around 11pm, most restaurant closed already ;(  We skipped our dinner reservation that we booked at 6:30pm before we were still so full during that moment. End up, we have the most terrible dinner ever in the city on Xmas Eve. Definitely learned a lesson! No more eating late dinner during Christmas Eve!!


I bought this red dress during summer time while it was on sale, astroboy was like "just buy it and so you can wear it on christmas". I am so glad i listen to him! because this is the perfect dress for christmas :D

Well, you can see a slightly difference on the first couple photos compare to the last one, because i put my red lipstick and pearl necklace on after we finished movie, thinking that we will have a romantic dinner afterward because most of them closed early on that special day. Oh well, failed ;(

Outfit detail;
Zara red dress
Zara black oxford flat shoes
Zara black bag 
ASOS leather belt
Vintage pearl necklace

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