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Wednesday, December 7, 2011
{random} 12.4
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Casual Saturday
Grab lunch at Gyu-Kaku East Village; trying out their new added items, such as pork belly/spicy pork/toro beef. Astroboy loves these, but i don't, i personally prefer the old menu's food, such as harami meat. 
I was laughing so hard in the train because astroboy keep asking me to go over to him, but i rejected, because he is such a koala-beer lover ;D
Christmas tree at his house, loving it.
 Astroboy cooked one of my favorite "Yakisoba", i consider this as one of his best dishes in kitchen. Unfortunately, this time, it turn out bad. 
Lastly, his homemade sandwich as our lunch snack. I am so in love with the crispy bread skin, it was so yummylicious! & a extra pickle that i dislikes.

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