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Sunday, December 4, 2011
{random} 12.2
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friday night outfit;

ZARA plain white tee
H&M detachable black sequin collar
UNIQLO sweater legging
ZARA oxford shoes (new!) ^^

boyf & his new Uniqlo wool blazer!

now he is a satisfied&happy man ;D

loves holiday season

loves every holiday market in new york city

Bryant Park, Grand Central terminal, Union Square...

looking at these christmas deco just make me in love&excite!

amazing pastries from financier!

i got a raspberry macaron before dinner 

kyochon spicy signature chicken never disappoint me!

& a sip of pinkberry frozen yogurt as a after-dinner-dessert just another ordinary friday night ;)

end this perfect friday night with a bowl of delicious caramel popcorn
next to a christmas tree
& watch a couple awesome movies with boyf ^^

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