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Saturday, November 5, 2011
Mitsuwa ;)
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Perfect weather to chill with gal friend in Mitsuwa!

great foods, awesome ;D

every wednesday & thurdays,
free bus authority to New Jersey's Mitsuwa

not both ride though
need to pay $3 for return ride

today's bag - new bought electric blue clutch

crab/shrimp/squid croquettes!

they all looks so tasty!
gosh i love mitsuwa :D

decide to eat Ramen as lunch

Spicy miso ramen & rice - combo D
around $13.55

not spicy enough, but still delicious!

today outfit;
white plain shirt from MNG Mango
skirt from topshop malaysia
legging from uniqlo
oxford shoes from asos

both of us wear the similar cape!
how cute ^^

went to bookstore and read magazine to kill time

& i bought this, just because it came with a black&lace collar!
my recent obsession - collar ;)

dimpling chip!? i want one!

so full, we don't even have space for yakisoba
sigh ;(

before we left, we have to get their famous ice cream!
mine is green tea flavor,and her is black sesame
$3 each with cone

lastly, bought 2 tempura & spicy tuna onigiri (rice ball) for dinner :)

what a beautiful day fulled with good foods :)

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