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Sunday, October 30, 2011
free sabre!
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oh new york city weather, 
so unpredictable & crazily insane!

not even get to have chance to enjoy beautiful fall,
and now we're skipping to freezing winter already ;(

spending the entire saturday cuddling with boyfriend at home,
just because the freezing cold ass weather scare us away!

have to drag mine & his lazy body out for today's sunny sunday;

spending the lazy noon at barney noble with boyfriend, 
reading gossip magazine and interview guidebook;
sipping my favorite passion fruit lemonade and free sabre giveaway chip with hummus
lazy but enjoyable ;)

winter snack - steam yam ;)

wandering around at Nordstrom

walking to union square, before heading to barney noble 
and saw these sabre stands all setting up

people lining up, and people sitting down enjoying their free sabre's chips

we got 4 bag of tostitos chip, 2 sabre salsa, 2 sabre guacamole
all for FREE!

taste amazing by the way!

my favorite have to be the salsa flavor ;D

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