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Tuesday, October 4, 2011
p&p wedding
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oh mine!
it is been almost 2 year i haven't update my blog
wtf ><"
because i left my camera at boyfriend's place

& weather is getting colder

i don't even have the mood to take photo or dress up ;(

anyway, a bunch of photo for today's post

attend boyfriend cousin's wedding 2 weeks ago with all his family

in the morning, went to church to prepare and set up the place

bubble as a gift for every one after the ceremony

this is where the magic happen, well i mean, the wedding ring ;D

adorable lamp with candle & light in it

the ceremony's booklet

the beautiful bride - peachy ^^

i loves how the white carpet have their name on it ;)

holding hand tight with boyfriend during ceremony :)

lovesss the pearl bracelet he bought me last year, so much.

i am starving, i still remembered how tasty the dumpling were haha

putting their names/sign on the paper as a last step in the ceremony

my duty - bubble girl! LOLS

aww ;)

rush back to boyfriend's home to get changed for night party

& ta-da! changed into my short cream dress with more pearl!

before head out..

boyfriend's cousin

omg my slipper ><"

cute cake!

buddha as a card holder

and a wishing tree for every guest to put their wishes on

boyfriend's mom ^^

boyfriend is totally getting wasted and drunk that night LOLS

gorgeous dawn, aww!

boyfriend's mom is awesome, isn't her? HAHHAHAHAHs

& last silly photo to end this blog

hopefully i will blog soon LOLs

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