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Thursday, August 18, 2011
Say "Hola" to DR, part 2
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continues of my DR trip photo journey;

before sun tan.

 after 5 days at DR,my skin tone is double darker than this ;'(

what's up with that sleepy face! ><"

a guy who sold cigar in the resort keep pursued us to try a sample of cigar
we tries, and surprisingly it taste good, and love the smell of vanilla
so we bought a pack(10 piece) from him, which cost $15usd

i am good at bargain ;')
because the guy originally said $20!

amazing view from our room

dinner time.

loves my room number 119*, similar to my bday ;)

club monaco dress & zara sandal

everytime it comes to vacation or beach,
white piece of dress is my must-have

oh man i beat him at this game!
well, he win the second time ;(

today's buffet - a huge huge plate of sushi!

the buffet dining room, where we spend our most time's meal here

unlimited refresh drink & alcohol is so amazing ;D

after dinner, we went for a beach-walk

yes, we both wear white too ^^

some stall that sells little gifts/cigars,etc

& time to sleep, and watch korean drama together ;D

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