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Wednesday, July 6, 2011
just blogging
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Me&boyfriend decide to make our own potato chips
fresh, much tastier and no preservatives at all!

super easy to make it tho.

all you need is potato from supermarket
slice them into thin pieces
fries them in oil till it turn golden brown

after that,
just place the chips on a napkin to absorb the oil

a couple minutes later,
sprinkle some seasoning, such as chili powder, pepper, garlic salt
then it is all done ;)

the night before 4th of July,
boyfriend cooking his specialty shrimp pasta (because i am a shrimp lover!)

turn off all the lights in the house
lights up the candle

& we have a nice candle light dinner in the house ^^

i loves how finally he can be romantic once in a while! :D

need some luck for tmr event!

i hope i can make it in one shot
wish me luck! :)

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