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Sunday, July 31, 2011
iphone photos/weekend outing
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some of my i-phone photos taken 
what i did yesterday & today.

using intagram

on the bus going to meet some friends for dinner

on a friend's roof top for some beer&chat session ;)
oh what a good night with some terrific view!

saw these cute twin dogs & i end up keep following them until i got a good pictures of them ;D

@ Gyu-Kaku for lunch happy hour ;)

2 drink, fries calamari for appetizer, garlic noodle, butter mushroom,
three meats and mas-mallow chocolate dessert

the bill came out only $34 with tax!

nothing beat gyu-kaku happy hour, honestly!

after lunch, walked to 14st Barneys&Noble to relax
reads some job interview book & magazine

loving my new Nars bright-red lipstick ^^

remind us of San Francisco
because we once saw this there

trying to walked from 14st to 23rd trying to shop at bed bath&beyond
& we end-up walking into home depot

then we saw cactus

then i told boyfriend :" remembered 2 months ago while i was moving, someone promised that he will buy me a cactus so i can put on my table."

he then turned around, and said lets buy a cactus!


fine, lets do it then 

a cactus, a new vase for it, total cost $11 ;)

thanks boyfriend anyway ^^

my 16month anniversary little gift from boyfriend
because i am a lipstick lover ;')

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