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Thursday, July 7, 2011
4th of July
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Who: Guy&Carmen; Chin&Me
When: 4th of July aka United States' Independence Day
Where: Queens, Corona Park 
What: Barbecuing

last year, same people same faces
we celebrated 4th of July together, near Hudson River watching fireworks
It was beautiful, with the person you love next to you
and some close friend to cheer with

this year, we decided to spend the day together too.

Carmen & Guy responsible for the foods and grill
Chin, of cause is doing what he loves - mixing alcohol&juice drink
Me? always a fruit salad person because that is all i know to made :D

start loving the spicy pepperjack cheeseeee!

the grill&fire doesn't look too right to us in the beginning
better not get food poisoning!

with my best gal-friend :)

dummies look funny :D

we leave around 9am
exactly when the fireworks start ;(

sunset is beautiful tho

oh my super hero is exhausted from carrying 20 pounds of cooler with ice and all drinks in the noon
oh poor him ><"

i have a great 4th of july,
what abt you guys?

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