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lost day, picture fade, stories told, this is my photo diary.

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Saturday, May 14, 2011
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currently: smiley face ^_*

enjoying my day off
relaxing on the couch
watching a cable movie
have a great dinner
just ate a piece of delicious spring checker cake
and soon enjoying my favorite macaroon ;D

aww what a lovely saturday!

anyways, still have to blog about last week.
random outing with friends,
eating my favorite Thai cuisine,
great conversation and updates between gals only,
shopping and of cause don't forget mother's day!

Lychee flavor Thai iced tea ;D

curry puff
(not as good as malaysia's curry puff tho :P)

fried calamari with Thai chili sauce


tofu, beef, spring roll in a bowl with tasty sauce

crispy fish, still, that Thai sauce rocks ^^

gals only, told u.

my favorite way to start off my summer

but, why is the weather is so freaking cold ;(

my way of saying "happy mother's day!"

pretty flowers to show my appreciation for someone special

as a flower delivery gal to my aunt at her work place

getting myself ready for the sun and beaches!

oh yellow, what a cute color :)

bought this at H&M, super good deal.
only $9.90 a set

thanks boyfriend :)